Addition Plans

Big news! We got our permit for our small bathroom and home office addition. As a once-upon-a-time intern architect - I am so excited!  

The two main constraints that dictated the design were one, budget (aka how can we do this as inexpensively as possible!) and two, setbacks. For the setbacks, we were fortunately able to receive a letter of modification from the City for 5' on the side (in line with existing structure) and 20', rather than 25', to the rear. This gave us 11' to work with. To minimize costs, we chose to keep the existing structure relatively untouched. We are blocking in a window and enlarging an existing one. A doorway will be cut into the rear back wall that will lead to the home office and master bath.

Before deciding on this layout, I explored a few additional options, shown below.

In option 1, the new bathroom replaced the existing closet, placing it adjacent to current bathroom and allowing it to tie in to its plumbing. However, this meant taking down the rear wall and thus making changes to the existing structure ($$$). We would be building out not only a new bathroom, but also new closets (again, $$$). And - not to mention - the office was really only a nook.

So on to Options 2 and 3, which both kept the existing closet and rear wall. For option 2, I explored having a separate entrance to the office and bathroom, but this meant moving the bed to the opposite wall which left very little room to maneuver. Option 3 is the most similar to what we settled on - though more modest. Adding just a couple extra feet to the design meant an office for two and a little more breathing room in the bathroom. And so voila, we arrived at the above floor plan. In the winning design, the wing wall will not only hide our desks, but provide the perfect spot for dressers - and as you can decipher, furniture placement too, was a big consideration!

For the office, I want a streamlined, simple, and organized space. Poor Garrett's been threatened over and over about not cluttering the desk (his current work-from-home habits may leave a bit to be desired; I've even made him promise to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up...) Below are some inspiration images for the overall look and feel. I was very inspired by the third image and we too will have a floor to ceiling strip window. I am so excited for this little architectural moment. 

Images Via   1   /   2   /   3

Images Via  1  /  2  /  3

For the bathroom, we are continuing the palette from the rest of the house - white, black, and wood. I promise, it won't be boring! We are going to use the same 12x24" matte black tile from the dining room and kitchen, paired with simple white subway tile. Again, some of my favorite inspiration images that capture the palette and essence of the space:

Image  Via

Image Via

Images Via   1   /   2

Images Via  1  /  2

More details of material and furniture selections to come, including the master bedroom mood board!